Death changes us, loss becoming embedded in our souls. In this first feature from Graham DuBose, rancher Stratton Eiseley buries his father and loses everything. When he befriends Salish elder Flying Bear, Stratton discovers a place that exists on the very edge of life.

It is 1933, and when his father dies and the bank forecloses on the family ranch, STRATTON EISELEY (Chris Snyder) drifts between past and present, conscious and unconscious, this world and beyond, as he forges a new identity in the free but harsh environs of Depression-era Montana.

In jail he defends American Indian JOE RUNNING ELK (Noah Watts) from fellow inmates, making fast friends with him and meeting his grandfather FLYING BEAR (Stephen Small Salmon). The three men take to the wilderness to try a new way of life, along the way meeting writer GRACIE LOREN (Jolene Andersen). Together they set out on an adventure that alters their fates forever.